As I began my journey to study tithing, it was necessary for me to seek information from places as far as Israel. Several year ago, I placed a phone call to a knowledgeable person in Israel about the practices of Christian tithing and its many nuances as practiced in churches in America. I also emailed questions to Israel to seek information about the real tithe of the Bible. On page nine of my original tithing study, slide nine shows the responses I got back concerning my questions.

In one of my research books, The Tithing Dilemma, Ernest L. Martin tells what a Rabbi instructs him about tithing. The Rabbi tells Martin that none of the members of the synagogue paid one penny in tithes that the Old Testament demands. He went on to say that if synagogue members paid tithes in the manner the scripture instructs, they would be disobeying God’s law. In other words, they would be sinning against God. The Rabbi further stated that since the Bible is clear that the tithe belongs to the Levites, then it would be wrong to pay it to anyone else. Not only that, because there are no Levites or Priests serving in the temple today, it is illegal to pay any biblical tithes.

To be honest, it does not take much to figure out what tithing is as long as you have a good Bible concordance, a Bible dictionary and a Hebrew and Greek word study book and you will be on your way to discovering the truth about tithing.

The slide shows the response I got back from my inquiry. Everything in brackets is my emphasis to make sure there is no misinterpretation. If you think this is just hogwash, check out what Jews say. Jewish Tithing Concepts What you will also learn is that deductions could be made from the tithe. The Jewish concept is called Ma’aser Kesafim. I discuss this in detail in my upcoming book, Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God.