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Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway is a theological, educational, scriptural journey of a lifetime. Yes, this book concerns a subject that’s been talked about since the second century. And on every page, readers will travel through the Bible to unearth the true orthodox tithe of the Scriptures. Tithing and giving is a pre-occupation of most churches and believers, but does the tithing practices of today look anything like the historical tithing practices of the biblical people based on the land, language and literature of a bygone era?

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This book will take you on a fantastic theological expedition into the history of tithing. It will explain how the Hebrew/Israelite people practiced tithing and will also uncover the shocking truth about what tithing really is and why what is called tithing today is a departure from the facts of the Scripture. You will be amazed about what this book reveals about tithing and who God authorized to be the sole heirs to collect tithes. The book examines whether tithing is required in the New Testament and the history of how the original food tithe got commuted to money. Does God command Christians to pay Him ten percent of their income? Are you cursed for not tithing? These questions and more will be answered in this manifesto of facts, bibical research and scharlarship based on the Hebrew and greek language.

Book Excerpt
Chapter 2
A Lesson in Necessary Tithe Definitions

To begin a study on any topic especially tithing, you must have knowledge of the orthodox definition, rather than the modern definition. You must critically examine and challenge common definitions in a way that allows you to prove the meaning based on context and history. For example, every person who attempts to define tithing should know that many Bible commentaries, Bible study notes, dictionaries, and scholarly books are influenced by the pro-tithe arguments of theological schools. Some theologians argue that Israel tithed on food and money. They do this because they have a vested financial interest and must follow the doctrinal dogma of their seminaries or risk being reprimanded or removed from their institutions for violating doctrinal protocol. If religious institutions of higher learning believe in tithing, their professors cannot necessarily disagree with the school’s tenets even if the Bible says otherwise. That is a problem because if scholars cannot present independent research that offers other views about tithing, then the question becomes: Are they pre-disposed to present information and conclusions favoring tithing? If so, that means their research is influenced by a heavy dose of confirmation bias.

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