False Roads to Manhood

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-Publisher: FC Publishing LLC(September 2005)
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What Women Need to Know, What Men Need To Understand

Author Frank Chase, Jr. guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls in his new release, “False Road to Manhood.” With surgical precision, he examines the souls of men, not only to help them understand themselves, but informs women about understanding today’s “Adam in Christ.” This powerful book of healing has already begun to touch the souls of men and women. It’s time for men across the world to “break free” from the traditions of men.

Book Excerpt

Chapter 25

Transparency is the Way Out of Transiency

We learned from David and Jonathan’s friendship that transparency; their openness, honesty and closeness, allowed them to make requests of each other. For example, Jonathan kept David’s hiding place a secret from Saul at David’s request. They were able to address each other’s needs because the two friends were transparent about the situation they faced. Transparency allowed them to release each other to carry out their individual responsibilities to ensure their success in dealing with Saul. They never overburdened each other, but each took personal responsibility to preserve their friendship and the oaths they made to each other. There is nothing worse than not getting a response from someone when you need help, but these loyal friends were transparent enough to respond to each other in many ways. Not only did their friendship strengthen them when they acted together, but it strengthened them when they acted alone.

Another example is when Jonathan showed he could be proactive and able to confront tough situations when he faced his father alone in defense of David. He risked his relationship with his father and his life because Saul would sometimes throw a spear at David when he was angry. The story begins “in 1 Samuel chapter 19. Saul requested his son, Jonathan, and his servants to kill David. But, because Jonathan delighted in David greatly, he stood up and defended David’s honor by reminding Saul of David’s faithfulness to him and that he would be committing a sin if he tried to kill David. When loyal friends can make requests that involve personal sacrifice, it is because they have taken the extra mile to trust each other to meet their needs without taking advantage of the situation. David and Jonathan broke through to a higher standard of friendship. David and Jonathan had to be transparent for their friendship to grow like it did. Men find transparency hard, considering all the stereotypes that urge them to be aggressive, strong and never to let anyone see them sweat or be uncomfortable.

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