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We are a book project management company. Our company has existed for approximately 18 months and we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary in March 2006. We posses a wealth knowledge of the do's and don't of self-publishing your book. We have successfully published our first book entitled FALSE Roads To Manhood, What Women Need To Know; What Men Need To Understand. We are in the process of successfully promoting this book in the local and global market.

We outsource all aspects of your project to specialist in the area of editing, layout, cover design, website design and printer. The five listed elements above are the main components of book publication. We charge a 15% administrative fee on all components.

Our first step is to offer you three free hours of consultation to provide you with a thorough understanding of what is required of the author and FC Publishing, LLC to complete a successful project.

1. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to begin your project. This deposit will prepay for four hours of services.

2. FC Publishing, LLC hourly rate is $25.00 per hour.

3. FC Publishing, LLC doesn't charge late fees or interest charges.

4. FC Publishing, LLC will read the first two chapters and the last chapter (maximum 20-250 per word) of your manuscript for free of charge. A reading fee of $3.00 per 250-per page is our rate after perspective clients have utilized the free service. This fee doesn't include editing.

5. Editing services are detailed in the FC Publishing, LLC contract. FC Publishing, LLC strongly recommends the author have his/her manuscript read by a minimum of two additional outside sources. We have learned from our experiences that authors should never edit their own material because of emotional attachment to the manuscript.

Other Services
FC Publishing, LLC files the ISBN, Bar Code and registers paperwork with the Library Congress for the PCCN number for a fee. These fees are detailed in the FC Publishing, LLC contract.

Advertising and Promotion
Advertising and Promotion of the book is the sole responsibility of the author. Advertising and promotion are services that are second tier of book publication and will be discussed in greater detail with authors who sign with FC Publishing, LLC.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. At the present time we are only accepting a minimum of four clients a year. Please see submission guidelines at our website

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